For us, a design is not just a pattern.
Our designs combine the rhythms of music, the bewitching images of poetry, and the sweetness of dreams.

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Original Fine Art Machine Embroidery Patterns

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Our Unique Embroidery System

Our ability to create dramatic and intricate embroidery designs is accentuated by our training in computer technology — this allows us not only to design patterns, but to digitize them as well.

Beyond the design itself lies the fact that the design must work with the fabric. The thread is the paint; the fabric is the canvas. Our selection of stitch length and stitch density allow our designs to be soft, and to move with the fabric. You will see the difference when you stitch our designs on your jackets, skirts, and jeans.

Bring these beautiful designs
to your life

All of our designs have been rigorously tested to ensure that you will have beautiful results every time with every design. We want your experience to be pleasurable from the moment you see our gallery, to the time you select and receive your chosen design, until you snip the final thread. You are the only credible judges of our services. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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