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Who We Are

MomoDini is the home of artist sisters Momo and Dini. With our years of design training and experience as artists and teachers of artistic techniques, Momo and Dini have created a portfolio of designs for your projects. All our designs are original and unique.

About MomoDini Embroidery

Our Designs

Because of our backgrounds in education and fine arts, we have studied and loved the finest oil paintings and watercolor masterpieces in the world.

Therefore, when we create an embroidery design, we fashion it not just as a pattern of threads and stitches, but as a work of art.

Our ability to create dramatic and intricate embroidery designs is accentuated by our training in computer technology — this allows us not only to design patterns, but to digitize them as well.

Beyond the design itself lies the fact that the design must work with the fabric. The thread is the paint; the fabric is the canvas. Our selection of stitch length and stitch density allow our designs to be soft, and to move with the fabric. You will see the difference when you stitch our designs on your jackets, skirts, and jeans.

Our Artistic Passion

At MomoDini Embroidery Art, our passion is to produce the finest designs with the highest standards of excellence and quality control. We merge the divergent cultures of the East and the West to give embroidery new life and energy. Our beautiful designs, combined with the best in technology, bring you the finest embroidery designs available anywhere.

Our art seeks the truthful, the expressive, and the harmonious. As we envision a design, the fine lines, exquisite satins, and beautiful stitches reflect not just compositional skills, but also our ability to communicate truth at the deepest levels.

For us, a design is not just a pattern. Our designs combine the rhythms of music, the bewitching images of poetry, and the sweetness of dreams. Just like the great masters of oil paintings, we mix nature and imagination to create a work of art that is representative, not of nature, but of the emotions evoked by the contemplation of nature. Our intent is to strike a spiritual and emotional chord that resonates outward, pleasing you viewing after viewing.

About Momo

Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder

Your Craft and Lifestyle

Learn when using a stabilizer is unnecessary, how to choose designs and fabrics for more thread-only projects and complete your beautiful embroidery in the process. Most of our designs are created for home decor and are used on pillows, curtains, table cloths, and bed linens.

We also have designs that are lovely on fashion clothing and nightgowns.

We hope our designs resonate with you and your lifestyle. We hope they can become a vital part of your enjoyment of life. Please browse our website samples to get an idea of the quality and variety of our designs.

About Dini

Co-Founder (retired)

Customer Satisfaction

All of our designs have been rigorously tested to ensure that you will have beautiful results every time with every design. We want your experience to be pleasurable from the moment you see our gallery, to the time you select and receive your chosen design, until you snip the final thread. You are the only credible judges of our services. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal.


Design Formats

Our designs can be purchased in the below formats. Format availability may vary on individual designs.

  • Bernina [*.art]
  • Brother/Baby lock/Bernina PES [*.pes]
  • Brother/Baby lock/Bernina PEC [*.pec]
  • Compucon/Singer PSW [*.xxx]
  • Husqvarna Viking Pfaff [*.vip]
  • Husqvarna Viking Pfaff [*.vp3]
  • Husqvarna [*.hus]
  • Janome [*.jef]
  • Janome [*.sew]
  • Meco Expanded [*.exp]
  • Pfaff [*.pcs]
  • Tajima [*.dst]
  • Toyota [*.10o]
About Wei

Chief Sales and Technology Officer