Individual Design F-97008

Individual Design F-97008
Product Code: F-97008
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Design #: F-97008
Collection #: 1900197
Multi-Format: 10o, art, dst, exp, hus, jef, pec, pes, vip, vp3, xxx
Stitches: 19,507 + 14,401 / 17,125 + 12,615
Size: 5.73"w x 6.04"h + 5.89" + 4.61"/4.99"w x 5.26"h + 5.13" + 4.01"

The size of the design may be slightly different, depending on the format.
The design may be truncated or shrunk to fit a smaller hoop.


Threads Used:

All thread numbers are Robison Anton Rayon. Robison Anton Rayon Color Chart

1. #2375
2. #2206
2. #8040
3. #2365
4. #2433
5. #2310
6. #2244

The thread numbers #8040 is Sullky Sliver thread.

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