Projects & Classes

For years, people have asked MomoDini for secrets to our unbelievably soft, elegant embroidery designs. Wei, our Business Manager, teaches seminars and hands-on workshops in all the large quilt and embroidery shows across the nation. If you would like to discover how to embroider on non-woven materials, make reversible embroideries on sheer fabrics, decide when stabilizing is unnecessary or choose thread colors to match the fabrics, please check with your local sewing centers and dealers for MomoDini’s workshop schedules.

Leap Frogs Umbrella

Leap Frogs on Umbrella

Discover new excitement in your embroidery skills with this unusual and whimsical project: an umbrella! You’ll learn to prepare the umbrella for embroidery, embroider one of MomoDini’s wonderful reversible designs, and finish with style. Ribbit! Ribbit

Table Cloth

Classy Tablecloth

(stitched without stabilizer)

Elegant embroidery chosen to compliment the woven jacquard fabric is sewn completely without stabilizers!

Learn when stabilizing is unnecessary, how to choose designs and fabrics for more “thread only” projects, and complete your beautiful embroidery in the process.

Dragonfly Scarf

Dragonflies on Georgette

Elusive, delicate, wispy…dragonflies and the georgette they’re embroidered upon are each known for these beautiful but challenging characteristics. Discover how to create reversible embroideries on sheer fabrics and leave class with a glorious, feminine scarf to wear in a multitude of ways. Learn to hoop sheer drapery and delicate fabrics, and leave with confidence to embroider on them at home.

Magic Box Large

Elegant Magic Box

Magic Box is a beautiful placemat, and also an elegant box. Quite magical!

This makes for a very creative and challenging hands-on class. You will learn how to structure and execute designs that transform a flat surface into a charming container for dried flowers, candies, and keepsakes.

MomoDini will take you through each step in the process, and we will use a new and unique MomoDini floral embroidery designs.

As always, we guarantee a fun time!

Spiral Purse Large

Spiral Purse

Fashion accessories take a new twist with this fascinating zippered spiral purse. You will learn how to place designs attractively and how to hoop unusual shapes as you embroider lush designs onto this dainty but durable bag that is perfect for your jewelry, makeup, keys or coins. Once you have made one for yourself, all your friends will want one, too!

Placemat Large

Zijuan Clouds on leather placemat

The Zijuan Clouds pattern is a traditional Emperor’s palace embroidery design. It is a richly elegant design, which was traditionally sewn on the Emperor’s banners and palace decorations. The Zijuan Clouds design derives from the beautiful imagery we create as clouds transform themselves from second to second, causing sky-watchers to see in their day-dreams designs that only exist in their imaginations.

How to embroider on a leather material?

MomoDini has designed and digitized a unique new flowing cloud pattern that can handle the task of embroidering on leather material. We will use this cloud design on a special oval leather placemat.

Casa Wrap Large

Iridescent Evening Casa Wrap

Delight in how easy it is to embroider on the sheerest of fabrics as you create this lovely evening wrap.

Known for embroideries designed specifically for “difficult” applications, MomoDini shares all the secrets for flawless execution on this gossamer fabric.

Perfect for proms, weddings and other special occasions, the end result is an embroidered accessory, where the motifs become one with the fabric, reversible and supple.

Butterfly Scarf

Butterfly Scarf

(Stitched without hooping)

Are you tired of stiff and scratchy embroideries? MomoDini’s designs are known for being incredibly soft and light. Get the results yourself on a soft reversible wool scarf.