Individual Design F-86005


Design #: F-86005
Collection #:1700186
Multi-Format: 10o, art, dst, exp, hus, jef, pec, pes, vip, vp3, xxx
Stitches:   27,465/13,713+13,847 / 12,565+12,717
Size:  7.74″w x 7.74″h/  (5.47″w x 6.80″h)+(5.49″w x6.77″h) /                            (4.98″w x 6.18″h)+(6.15″w x 4.99″h)

The size of the design may be slightly different, depending on the format.
The design may be truncated or shrunk to fit a smaller hoop.

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All thread numbers are Robison Anton Rayon.
Open the Robison Anton Rayon Color Chart

1.#2522               2.#2283                3.#2297



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